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"Love my Period Panteez! They feel girly & breathable and really help my period cramps! They are very well made and even though I have a heavy flow, they do an excellent job of preventing accidents and leaks! Impressed!"
Kathy from Milford

"I love not worrying about the possibility of leakage! Just one less thing to stress about! Cramps and bloating also lessened with Period Panteez."
Erica from Kentucky

"These solve a problem I have had for SO long! I am too disorganized to stick to one pair of "period panties" but this product helps me do that - plus they are IDEAL period panties. Totally comfortable and helps me to feel confident."
Laura from California

"Period Panteez help solve the problem of leaking at an affordable price! The sense of security is definitely the best feature and helps me relax."
Rachel from Cincinnati

"Very trendy and I like the boy short! Great product!"
Jessie from Kentucky

"This is an excellent product. They are so comfortable! I like wearing them as my "main" underwear. Very trendy! Also felt it pulled me in."
Michelle from Ohio

"I love the product!!! Thank you!!!"
Jackie from Hamilton

"I really like my Period Panteez! I run a lot and they are great for exercising! The boy short style is cute, especially in current trends. I like the color because if there were a little leakage onto them, you still wouldn't be able to see it. You can just lounge around in them without worries! I played volleyball in high school and I could see Period Panteez working well in that area too."
Danielle from Ohio

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Review of Period Panteez from TJ's "Measuring Flower" blog/review:

"In addition to providing pressure for cramp relief, the Period Panteez tight-fitting design makes it slim and 'invisible' when worn underneath jeans."

"The mere fact that I can wear them underneath my day-to-day jeans without worrying about anyone seeing any lines is awesome."

Review of Period Panteez from Shelly's "Shelly's Bits and Pieces" blog/review:

"Since using the Period Panteez, we have not had ANY period problems. The sheets and night clothes have remained clean! WOOHOO!"

Review of Period Panteez from Christy Breazeal's "My Subscription Box Addition" blog/review:

Here are just some of Christy's comments:

"[Period Panteez] are a freaking life-saver for me."

"My regular panties always slip to the front or back- but not Period Panteez."

"This is the product every female needs- you just didn't know it yet! I'm letting you know that I will promote these until I die! ;) No more paper panties for me."

"For the plus size ladies: Don't let the sizes throw you off. They are S,M,L,XL. I wear a 3x but can wear a 2x. The XL panties fit me great- no problems. So if you wear larger than XL, the XL panties will most likely fit you."

And some comments from her readers:

"These look great! I wish I had these after giving birth to my babies, but would like to try them for periods too."
Valerie E.

"It sounds like a great idea, and frankly, who wouldn't want to get rid of the ugly granny panties."
Krista G.

Review of Period Panteez from Larisha's "We're Parents!?" blog/review:

"I was much more comfortable knowing I had extra protection of the Period Panteez there to save me. And I never once had any problems."
Larisha C.

Review of Period Panteez from Hayley's "Hanging Off the Wire" blog/review:

"Period Panteez are really durable. The product did the trick and the panties are fashionable as well."
Hayley K.

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